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The meeting was held on
Dec. 4-6, 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands

IEEE eScience 2006 Student Travel Assistance

 eScience 2006 is pleased to announce that the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC has made $5000 available for the partial reimbursement of travel expenses for students attending the 2006 IEEE eScience 2006 Conference to be held December 4-6, 2006 in Amsterdam. The travel assistance funds will be used for the reimbursement of travel expenses, up to $500 for European students and up to $1000 for other students.

 Eligibility requirements:

 Preference will be given to students who will be presenting a paper (as first author) at the meeting. A committee consisting of Dick van Albada (Amsterdam), and Rajkumar Buyya (Melbourne) will select the recipients based on the evaluation of the application material.

 Deadline: November  4, 2006

Announcement of Recipients: November 11, 2006

 Apply via email to <esc2006 at> by sending the following information.


Note: All these documents must be sent together in a single email.  The email subject must include the words “eScience 2006 Student Travel Assistance”.


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