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The meeting was held on
Dec. 4-6, 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jim Austin, University of York, UK
Grid Enabling Data De-Duplication
Wolfgang Gentzsch, D-Grid Germany and RENCI, USA
National Grid Initiatives: Lessons Learned and Recommendations

Bob Hertzberger, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
From Bioinformatics towards e-Bioscience

Fabrizio Gagliardi/Tony Hey, Microsoft Corporation, USA
e-Infrastructures for e-Science

Ladislav Hluchy, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Grid based Flood Prediction Virtual Organization
Jef Huisman, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Complex dynamics in the plankton: computational science applied to the world's oceans

Peter Hunter, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Benefits of e-Science for the Physiome Project

Carl Kesselman, USC, USA
Dynamic Infrastructure for Systems Level Science

Ed Seidel, Louisiana State University, USA
Emerging Technologies and Applications for e-Science